Burmet Northern Ltd. is a highly experienced construction company with expertise in a wide range of projects.

Burmet Northern is comfortable working in many variations of contract relationships - design/build, joint ventures, tendered - and is capable and proficient in both complex and simple construction.

Remote Location Construction

Burmet Northern has vast experience in working in remote areas. Relationships have been built between Burmet Northern and several First Nations Communities.


Burmet Northern experience includes the design and construction of many types of buildings - schools, arenas, housing units, nursing stations, office buildings, and more. The company is equally capable of designing and constructing wood-frame, concrete block, or metal buildings.

Burmet Northern has expanded its expertise into infrastructure work. Projects have included: installation of sewer and water pipes; crushing and hauling of gravel; and a soil remediation project.

Burmet Northern Ltd is a fully bonded company

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